Prevent Theft/Vandalism


A large project management Govt. agency were involved in bridge works and reported 3 incidents of theft from the site.

Our client had their own alternative camera system (not Siteguard) in place, however the camera footage was of such poor quality that the Police advised that they were unable to prosecute the offenders based on the evidence provided.

Siteguard was commissioned to provide a better-quality system. An SG-C1 Security Work Tower with 3 x High Definition Cameras was deployed to upgrade the site, providing superior image quality offering full coverage.

Our client was very impressed and no issues were reported since.


A Council was experiencing unlawful break-ins on road construction sites, such as vandalism of earthmoving machinery and theft. This was costly and ran into the “thousands of dollars” to rectify and replace. After the Siteguard CCTV was deployed the issues stopped, providing a very strong deterrent to offenders and peace of mind to Council management. 


They reported to have found the following:

The portability of the system to be important

– we run 6 construction teams and we can easily relocate the system between teams as required, without the need for specialist staff to pack up transport and set up.

Set and forget nature of the system

– install it and the camera/ unit does its thing without needing much in the way of operator/owner input, other than paying the data bill

Previously monitoring systems needed to be fit for the particular purpose they were required for

– the Siteguard unit acquired …. provides maximum flexibility in placement and coverage of varied construction sites.”

Michael Hazelwood, Operations Manager - Construction​

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