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GPW Group Pty Ltd

GPW Group Pty Ltd Account Application

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The information provided in and with this Application is true and correct. The GPW Group Pty Ltd (herein referred to as GPW) is authorised to make all enquiries it deems necessary to investigate the Applicant’s financial status and the Applicant’s bankers, credit providers and any credit reporting agency are authorised to disclose to GPW information concerning the Applicant. GPW is authorised to disclose information concerning the Applicant for that purpose.

The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that all transactions under the GPW Trading Account will be subject to GPW’s General Terms and Conditions of Supply. If you have any concerns with GPW's General Terms and Conditions of Supply, or if you wish to propose any changes to those terms and how they apply to transactions under the GPW Trading Account, please contact us to discuss.
The Applicant declares that the credit (if any) to be provided under the Trading Account is to be applied wholly or predominantly for a purpose that is not a National Consumer Credit Code purpose and makes this declaration before entering into any agreement with GPW.

I acknowledge and agree that by signing up to this account I am required to pay to GPW a service charge for the cost of supplying services for the Surveillance Systems, where such service charge is calculated on the number of weeks or part thereof each Surveillance System Service was maintained until notification of Termination of such services had been granted (or other period as agreed).

I warrant that, by completing and signing this Application, I am authorised to submit this Application on behalf of the Applicant and that I have authority to enter into transactions under the GPW Trading Account on behalf of the Applicant.